Pray For Nepal

Mother nature is beautiful, she is the essence of all mankind. She completes us but having said that we know with all the good comes the bad, with light comes the  darkness and i guess that is how you really appreciate the beauty that surrounds one, that is how you distinguish the bad from the ugly. April25th,2015 might have been a pretty ordinary day for a lot of people.However for a person like me that day will forever be imbedded in my memory, that day i will never forget.A day embellished by destruction and chaos.An ordinary day changed by the hands of Nature.That is what April25th,2015 will be for me.Being miles and miles away from home is hard as is, but when you wake up in the middle of the night, to the news of a 7.5 richter scale earthquake, in the very place you call home, the word “heart-wrenching” gets an entirely new meaning.The monuments, the historical buildings,the everything that signified my home land Nepal, isn’t there anymore.How is that just a day ago things were sailing smoothly and all was well and just a day after nothing is,how is that just a minute ago my country was smiling and why is that just a minute after all she can do is cry? Why is life so unpredictable and why is that at times like these I don’t really know whether to bask in the beauty of the great unknown or be terrified of the uncertainty.My heart bleeds for those who fell prey to this massive destruction.All my thoughts and prayers go out to my people.May the Gods be with you.Jay Pashupatinath!


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